Natural / Exotic colors

Natural / Exotic colors

Brazilian cattle population is a mix of European and Indian cattle
breeds that were brought to  Brazil many years ago. Those breeds
crossed each other forming new breeds with unique hide colorations. We
are proud ourselves to have the largest variety of cowhide colors and
we dispose of about 4000 hides  a month to support demands of our
customers worldwide. See below some examples of natural exotic colors
we have:

Product Description:

Hair on cowhides, tanned, finished, trimmed in cow format for home decor.
Origin: Brazil
Thickness: 1.8/2.0 m

XSmall size       1-2 m2
Small size         2-3 M2
Medium size      3-4 M2
Large size         4-5 M2
XLarge size       5-6 m2

Standard Packing: White PP raffia bags
5 hides per bag
Pack dimensions: 25 x 35 x 100 cm

Custom packing and labeling available.

We carry in stock for prompt delivery many hides in different colors
and sizes. Please consult us on current stock availability and prices.

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